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    Pandas: The Journey Home

    These Cuddly Creatures Are Now Playing in a Theater Near You

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  • panda-trees-woods-990-DL.jpg

    Pandas: The Journey Home

    Filmmakers of Pandas: The Journey Home were granted unprecedented access to the Wolong Panda Center in China. Meet all of the pandas at the center as they get ready for their new lives in various parts of the world, and learn about their fascinating habits and personalities.

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    Filmed in spectacular Imax 3D, Jerusalem brings you an unprecedented look at this amazing city5,000 years of history have not dulled its appeal or importance. Learn more at JerusalemTheMovie.com.

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    Mysteries of the Unseen World

    Go to places on the planet you've never been before and see things that are beyond your normal vision yet are literally right in front of your eyes.

  • Photo: Close-up of a meerkat in profile as it gazes out across the savannah

    Meerkats 3D

    Enter the world of a clan of feisty meerkats—led by fearless leader Klinky—as they meet the challenges of living in the Kalahari Desert.

  • Photo: Giant pterosaurs fly across the sky in the movie Flying Monsters

    Flying Monsters 3D

    Could flying monsters have existed? With cutting-edge 3-D filming technology and CGI, Flying Monsters 3D recreates spectacular pterosaurs and brings these giant flying creatures and their prehistoric world to life. Also visit the website to see pterosaurs in action! Now on DVD/BluRay Combo with 3D!

  • Picture - an artist's rendering of a solar flare

    Wildest Weather in the Solar System

    Witness the most beautiful, powerful, and mysterious weather phenomena in the solar system. From a storm the size of a 100-megaton hydrogen bomb, to a 400-year-old hurricane, to a dust tempest that could engulf entire planets, you'll be glad you live on Earth!

  • Photo: Sea Monsters.

    Sea Monsters

    Get up close and personal with prehistoric monsters of the deep in this smash hit! Sea Monsters brings to life some of the dinosaur age's most fearsome marine reptiles. Now playing at the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas.

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  • Picture of James Cameron in the DeepSea Challenger

    Deep Sea Challenge

    Join James Cameron on his daring, history-making dive to the deepest ocean. You heard about it when it happened — soon you will be able to watch it as only giant-screen 3-D can show it to you.

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