Meet National Geographic's Museum Theater Partners

National Geographic is proud to present its new museum theater partners! If you live in or near any of the cities where these theaters are located, we urge you to check them out (not to mention the amazing content at the museums themselves) and tell them "National Geographic sent me." Click on each logo to go to each venue's website. And visit our partner-theater news page to find out some of what's going on at the venues.

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Coming Soon From Nat Geo Movies

  • Picture—electron microscope photograph of the head of an embryonic zebrafish

    Photos: Mysteries of the Unseen World

    A whole new world is open to us thanks to FEI and cutting-edge science and technology making the invisible visible, affecting our lives in ways we can’t even imagine. Think what you see around you is all there is? Think again!

  • Picture of James Cameron in the DeepSea Challenger

    Deep Sea Challenge

    Join James Cameron on his daring, history-making dive to the deepest ocean. You heard about it when it happened — soon you will be able to watch it as only giant-screen 3-D can show it to you.

  • Photo: A robot hand with the film title Robots 3D

    Robots 3D

    Robots are now being used for everything from auto making to brain surgeryand much more. Robots 3D will show the cutting edge uses of robotics as it profiles the scientists creating these technological wonders. Coming in 2014.

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